Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our team at Safeguarding Training and Consultancy came together with the same drive and passion following many years of gaining experience in Safeguarding. Developing knowledge and experience and strong leadership skills we embrace a holistic approach from multi agency experience and partnership working.

We pride ourselves in a caring & compassionate approach to work together, recognising and valuing peoples differences and supporting the safeguarding processes across all areas.

We constantly adapt out training to changes we are seeing and learning and Improving to pass that expertise on to safeguard others.

We are friendly and approachable and value one another in all our contacts to engage, enable and motivate others to have the confidence, knowledge and understanding to safeguard others.

We aim to keep the training informative, relevant and an enjoyable experience to strengthen your safeguarding knowledge together.

One aspect we cannot emphasise enough is voice of the child/young person. We all have extensive experience working in this field and over the years have encompassed feedback and lived experiences from young people directly to influence the work we do.

We have gained commendations for this innovative work which we are very proud of; but most of all to impact future support in the right way.

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